1978 Porsche 928 Manual Barn Finds

Here at cmsporsche.co.uk we have just purchased this rare, 928 Manual "first edition"


This car is one of the first, original factory 928 launch cars and believed to be the first manual 928 in the UK that was owned, registered and used for press publicity by Porsche Cars Great Britain.


It was bought off of a lovely family in Shropshire who have owned this car since 1994. It had been in a friends Barn undercover for many years where it was looking slightly sorry for itself with its flat tyres and covered in dirt and grime, so our first Job will be to give it a good clean, inside and out, free off the breaks and then to do a major Cambelt Service and repair the injection/fuel system to get her running again.


It has arrived with numerous car magazines and articles written in the Spring of '78 that it features in and it originally wore the registration plate belonging to Porsche Cars of Great Britain as their launch registration: "928 TTE". 


Its bodyshell is in a surprisingly good condition for its age thanks to its many years of dry storage and it has only covered 72,357 miles. 


It is a very complete original car, that  and even comes with its original Porsche "Push Button" radio in a box, and it's Teledial Wheels (which had been sat in the owners garage for many years) as it currently has the later Blaupunkt radio and cassette fitted and later "Design" wheels from a 928 S2 (as per the pictures above).


It is presented in "Petrol Blue Metallic" with half-tan leather and classic Porsche "Pascha" interior. Being such a rare vehicle, it well deserves time, money and effort as these are extremely rare to find in this original condition.