Kermit vs Orangina


The creation of Kermit, the unique Boxster, that can't make its mind up, whether its a 911, a Turbo or a one off Boxster.  Hence it is now a he and is now called "Kermit - The GT3.2S"

He first arrived as a very battered unloved Porsche Boxster just like the numerous other Boxster's that have darkened our doors.


Another new and Bespoke creation from This time a One-Off Lamborghini Orange Arancio Pearlescent confused GT3.2S with another different twist, including its finish and its final extras...         

It came to us as, Just another beat up Black Boxster in need of some serious TLC. Well it is fair to say it got that alright...

After a long and a considerable amount of thought & time the kermit project began. The colour of the paintwork was chosen first. "ViperGreen".

Like Kermit the car was taken back to a bare shell If a project is worth doing then its worth doing well!

In the paint shop The car was stripped completely down. The entire shell was resprayed so that Kermit was green through and through! 

Once stripped, back into our in-house paintshop like kermit she went, to be completely resprayed in its vibrant new beautiful colour.

Back to basics progress can be slow but the quality of the finish is always worth it!! The final job before the rebuild was the wiring adaptions and modifications...

Once we were happy with the gaping of the panels and their fit, we were onto the final build... 

Once we had allowed the paint enough time to bake in our booth, we begun to rebuild her, the first job was the wiring:

Now that she was mechanically complete we could start the panel gaping and fitting process. You do this first before the parts are painted in case any panel adaptions are needed.

And there he is, off for his final finishing touches and rear decals including: His 996 Techart-Styled rims...

The outer panels were sprayed in Lamborghini Orange Arancio and then left to bake. 

Welcome ladies and Gentleman, to "Kermit- the GT3.2S". 

As Green on the inside as he is on the out. 

He really is, green through and through!!!

The bolt on panels were all painted off the car to allow us to achieve the maximum quality finish and these too were then left to bake.

Once the paint had hardened and settled, we begun the final re-build and the final flat and polish before this stunning car was complete.



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