Ferrari 355 Spyder

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Here we have a 355 Spyder that we have just completed a windows out, Doors off, oven baked respray on.


Done on behalf of a customer who has owned this car for many years and although a nice genuine tidy car, he now wanted the paintwork to look as good as when he bought it many years ago.


As with a lot of cars of this age, there were a few body blemishes including surface corrosion that we first had to remove and deal with to allow for the perfect finish.

This perfect finish also involved dismantling the car, preparing body work for repaint.. ie putting right the usual stone chip damage to the front end and other very minor chippings, dinks and dents etc around the vehicle, that have appeared over the many years he has enjoyed this vehicle. Although, not really needing a complete re-paint, he decided he wanted the whole car to be resprayed to make it look as good as new again, as he felt the enjoyable years of ownership he had had from it, meant the car now deserved a little excess pampering.



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