Porsche 911 (996) Millenium Edition


Here from cmsporsche.co.uk we are in the process of giving this lovely limited edition 911 996 Millenium the full CMS Treatment.


"After 15 years of British Roads it has come to us so we can turn this from being just a lovely car to a stunning Brand New-looking Car. It is having No Exspenses Spared. It is having full Engine Detailing, even down to the Engine Bay being painted, and is undergoing a full Windows Out, Doors off Respray in the beautiful colour of Ultra-rare Porsche Chromaflair Violet Pearl which is unique to these very rare, special, millenium editions, so this Car will go from being a nice 996 Millenium, to a beautiful 996 Millenium !!! Its being improved by our selves and the owner inside and out, with even the wheels being repainted so every last detail looks as new as physically possible !!!


The First Step was to Start Stripping the Car, so we Can Paint the Parts Individually, so everything can be painted to the highest perfection, including handles out, bumpers off, and is currently having its windows and doors removed.


Now after having its doors removed, most of the glass and the final exterior accessories, it was time to start rubbing the car down and doing small, minor repairs to allow it to have the best finish. It is now in its final stages of prep work, and will soon be ready for primer...


We primed this car with a tintable Black Primer, as it will mean this beautiful, Pearlescent Paint will lie better than a standard coloured Primer, meaning it will look as good from every angle. After we had primed it, and left it a few days for the primer to settle and harden, we began to unmask the car carefully, and starting rubbing each panel and individual part which we would paint and had primed off the car (everything which could be removed i.e. doors, handles, bonnet, bootlid, bumpers etc) to a condition so it was ready for paint in the stunning ultra-rare Porsche Chromaflair Violet Pearl.


It is in its final stages of the "CMS Treatment", and is in our personal in house Bake Oven ready for its paintwork at this present moment. More details to follow soon...


After allowing this stunning colour to settle, we removed it from our bake oven, and it was already looking even more beautiful than the owner could have imagined. We began the final stages of: Flatting, Moping and Polishing each panel before carefully, and with the highest level of precision we could master, re-attaching it back on to the car...


So it is now a finished car and has been returned back to the owner as what now looks, a completely different car, in a new and exqusite condition. As CMSPorsche, we are very happy with the outcome of this 996 Millenium, but even happier with how it has made our loyal customer feel, seeing his car look almost brand new, and who is now thoroughly over the moon with its Pristine condition..."


If you have any questions or would like to discuss giving your car the infamous "CMS Treatment" then please don't hesitate to contact us.