Ford Escort RS Cosworth

This stunning iconic Ford Escort RS Cosworth is one of 4 Cosworths in our collection at present and this ex-concourse winning early (large turbo) model was bought with lightish frontal damage as in the pictures. Thousands have been spent on this car throughout its life including the most recent addition of a Harvey Gibbs Full Spec race engine with a large Capacity Alloy Baffled sump, modified Turbo, plummed in breather system, vernier pulleys, MA Developments wiring loom with Siemens Injector conversion and wasted spark ignition etc etc.

The first job was to recover the vehicle in its slightly sorry looking state an to assess the damage and process of repair. 


This car, however, was always going to be a slightly different challenge as all of the panels are no longer available from Ford so panel beating skills were definitely going to be tested to save the front cross member and panel and chassis rails. ​

We first stripped the front end and removed the engine and gearbox and It was then time for the vehicle to be jigged and panelled on the front end.


To keep in line with the factory finish, and keep all the panels as original factory fitted items for originality to allow for the best repair, we straightened and pulled the bent chassis legs and drilled the spot welds on the upper front panel to remove pressure on the joints to allow us to pull the front cross member and panel beat it and metal work it back to shape.

Here is the picture of the front end before the final prep and paint showing how well all the factory O/E metal work has been repaired and straightened. This shows how it is possible to save all of the original panels with some effort, patience and blood sweat and tears by Paul, Steve and Brian !!!!!!!

Here it is now at its latest stage with all prep and seam sealing completed and with the engine bay all fully painted and awaiting re-fitment of engine and other mechanical components etc 



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